Monday, May 30, 2016


Hello World...

I've been lost in the ethers of writing two novels at once (insane undertaking) so I've been remiss in blogging. Sorry!

But recently I've received a slew of emails requesting I repost my earlier blog about WRITERS AND DEPRESSION...featuring the LIFE OF ROALD DAHL.  The genius author of Children's books whose life story is the most depressing, jaw-droppingly tragic and truth-defying I have ever read about. It is guaranteed to cheer up anyone who might be suffering from the spring blues.  Which is probably why it has been requested so much!

I was in the process  of uploading it when  Evangeline Lilly's first children's book THE SQUICKERWONKERS came to my attention.  I began reading it and its as though Roald Dahl  has come back from the grave to take pen in hand and enchant and beguile us again with one of his brilliant novels.  Its a dark and hilarious, endearing and moral story about Selma a very spoiled and  demanding child who is taught the harsh lessons of life and humility by an ingenius band of marionettes called...what else?  THE SQUICKERWONKERS! As a lover of Roald Dahl's works I'm already enthralled with this book and pray there will be a sequel very soon.  Its a book for children AND adults, and so imaginative it seems a natural for a film or TV series.

Evangeline Lilly is the lovely award-winning actress from the hit TV series "Lost" and also the Oscar-winning movie "The Hurt Locker." Well,  now she's is also a master storyteller  as well as an actress.

Bravo, Evangeline, and I hope everyone rushes out to buy  THE SQUICKERWONKERS! Available everywhere, Amazon, Nook, B&N and at