Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hello, World...

I have just seen these photos of a teenager from Texas  gleefully posing with majestic African wild life which she has slaughtered with assorted firearms.  She allegedly learned her expertise from her father, a big game hunter.

  They call it 'conservation,' culling animals that are crowding already over-crowded preserves in Africa.  I call it cold-blooded killing.  As the human population explodes all over the planet, wildlife is  being crowded into smaller and smaller preserves.  Their extinction is inevitable, so why prolong their agony?

According to  Kendall Jones and her ilk, the answer is quite simple.  Just shoot them.  The depths of her ignorance is stunning.

Animal-lovers, take a stand. Sign one of the many petitions circling the Internet  urging that her cold-
blooded killer photos be removed.    Thank you.