Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello, World.

 It's that time of year. Mid-summer, when  book sales generally take a dive.  To weather the market doldrums,  I'm offering my three Bestselling Pacific Story Collections on sale for .99 each on Kindle!

HOUSE OF SKIN, PRIZE-WINNING STORIES...  Volume I.  Stories of love, lust, obsession, runaway girls, drug addiction, family bonds,  racism,  and much more.   The stories are set across the Pacific islands in  Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, and Vanuatu.

CANNIBAL NIGHTS, PACIFIC STORIES, VOLUME II... Stories of terrorism, al Queda, adultery, murder, rape, slavery, kidnapping, Paul Gauguin, the French Foreign Legion, Australian Aborigines,  foetal alcohol syndrome, and how the love of family saves us.  The stories are set in Hawaii, Tonga, Easter island, the Marquesas, Tahiti,  and Australia.

OPIUM DREAMS, PACIFIC STORIES, VOLUME III... Stories of  marriage,  adultery, vengeance,  opium addiction, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, soldiers in combat, prostitution, murder,   cancer,  AIDS, and more.  The stories and one novella are set in Western Samoa,  Kohala (Hawaii), Aotearoa, New Zealand, Honolulu ( Hawaii), and Georgia.

I hope you will  enjoy reading them,  and learning about  the fascinating traditions and people of the vast Pacific Islands.  Alohas from Hawaii!

And thanks!  Kiana

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